Discovery Mechanisms for the Sensor Web

  title={Discovery Mechanisms for the Sensor Web},
  author={Simon Jirka and Arne Br{\"o}ring and Christoph Stasch},
  journal={Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)},
  pages={2661 - 2681}
This paper addresses the discovery of sensors within the OGC Sensor Web Enablement framework. Whereas services like the OGC Web Map Service or Web Coverage Service are already well supported through catalogue services, the field of sensor networks and the according discovery mechanisms is still a challenge. The focus within this article will be on the use of existing OGC Sensor Web components for realizing a discovery solution. After discussing the requirements for a Sensor Web discovery… 

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This work describes how existing elements supporting sensor discovery can be coupled with the already well established OGC Catalogue Service (CSW) and presents for the first time a working example how resources provided through SWE services can automatically be published through common OGCCatalogue Service instances.

Metadata Harvesting and Registration in a Geospatial Sensor Web Registry

An incremental harvesting approach is proposed, which can harvest the updated metadata efficiently in the Sensor Web environment and is provided to demonstrate the applicability of the approach.

Interaction patterns for bridging the gap between sensor networks and the Sensor Web

  • A. BröringT. FoersterS. Jirka
  • Computer Science
    2010 8th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PERCOM Workshops)
  • 2010
Five fundamental interaction patterns between the Sensor Web and sensor networks are identified by introducing an intermediary layer, prototypically implemented using Twitter, which bridge the gap between the two distinct layers and are essential for enabling future sensor plug & play within the sensor Web.

A Semantic Registry Method Using Sensor Metadata Ontology to Manage Heterogeneous Sensor Information in the Geospatial Sensor Web

The results of GEOSENSOR-SSRS experiments show that the proposed semantic registry method can be used to enable sharing in an open distributed sensor network as well as to promote accuracy and efficiency of discovery.

Discovering Sensor Services with Social Network Analysis and Expanded SQWRL Querying

This work presents a new discovering approach that is based on a novel sensor metadata model compliant with SWE standards, where sensors' descriptions are referenced to a common semantic reference frame to support resolution of semantic heterogeneities.

Distributed semantic sensor web architecture

This paper analyzes the requirements of semantic web of things and proposes the semantic sensor web service environment to provide user centric context-aware semantic web service through the semantic sensors web platform.

Developing Registries for the Semantic Sensor Web using stRDF and stSPARQL (short paper)

Strabon is presented, a storage and query evaluation module for stRDF/stSPARQL for the architecture of the EU FP7 project SemsorGrid4Env and it is shown how to use Strabon to implement a semantic registry.

A Distributed Middleware Based on Semantic Web Service for Sensor Web

A distributed middleware based on semantic web service is proposed to address the issue of varied sensor data can be exchanged automatic among heterogeneous sensor networks and end-users can access information easily everywhere over the Internet.

New Generation Sensor Web Enablement

The recent developments of the new generation of the Sensor Web Enablement specification framework are illustrated and related to other emerging concepts such as the Web of Things and point out challenges and resulting future work topics for research on Sensor Web enablement.

Facilitating Sensor Deployment, Discovery and Resource Access Using Embedded Web Services

This paper describes a novel self-organization solution to facilitate the deployment of sensor networks and enable the discovery, end-to-end connectivity and service usage of these newly deployed sensor nodes.



Challenges in Building a Portal for Sensors World-Wide

The architecture of SensorMap is described, key challenges in building such a portal, and current status and experience are described, and the platform transparently provides mechanisms to archive and index data.

Sensor Metadata Management and Its Application in Collaborative Environmental Research

An attempt is made to bridge the gap between data management and semantic annotation in a user friendly, easily deployable system for gathering sensor metadata and capturing semantics behind higher level data processing steps.

Ontology‐based retrieval of geographic information

This paper presents an approach to ontology‐based GI retrieval that contributes to solving existing problems of semantic heterogeneity and hides most of the complexity of the required procedure from the requester.

Sensor Standards: Overview and Experiences

A subset of the various sensor standards is explored, and the experiences in attempting to integrate some of these standards for the purposes of developing an autonomic context manager are related.

Handling Locations in Search Engine Queries

This paper proposes simple techniques for handling place references in search engine queries, an important aspect of geographical information retrieval. We address not only the detection, but also

Middleware to support sensor network applications

MiLAN, a new middleware that allows applications to specify a policy for managing the network and sensors, but the actual implementation of this policy is effected within MiLAN, is described and its effectiveness is shown through the design of a sensor-based personal health monitor.


This work proposes a new fully decentralized Internet GIS architecture, called P2P Spatial Access Method (P2PSAM), which removes the centralized components by integrating dynamic spatial indexing algorithms with fully decentralized P1P networks.

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