Discourses of Demonization in Africa and Beyond

  title={Discourses of Demonization in Africa and Beyond},
  author={Rosalind I. J. Hackett},
  pages={61 - 75}
Recent theoretical perspectives on religion and violence and on cultural difference are grounded within a discussion of the discourses of demonism and satanism which have become increasingly prevalent in many parts of Africa today. These stem primarily from the popular deliverance-oriented Pentecostal ministries which flourish in countries like Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. Such movements are prone to violent condemnations of other (competing) religious options, in particular, traditional… Expand
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Religion and (Re)negotiation of Belonging among Zimbabwean Migrant Youths in South Africa
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Decolonising religious education in sub-Saharan Africa through the prism of anticolonialism: a conceptual proposition
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