Discourses in Place : Language in the Material World

  title={Discourses in Place : Language in the Material World},
  author={Ronald Scollon and Suzanne B. K. Scollon},
1: Geosemiotics 2: Indexicality 3: The Interaction Order 4: Visual Semiotics 5: Interlude on Geosemiotics 6: Place Semiotics: Code Preference 7: Place Semiotics: Inscription 8: Place Semiotics: Emplacement 9: Place Semiotics: Discourse in Time and Space 10: Indexicality, Dialogicality, and Selection in Action Glossary References 

Semiotic timescapes

  • M. Lazar
  • Sociology
    Language in Society
  • 2022
In linguistic/semiotic landscape (LSL) studies, overall, time and temporalities have occupied a curious space between visibility and invisibility, resulting in time and temporalities being treated

Surface and underneath : a linguistic landscape analysis of the Bosman neighbourhood in Pretoria

This article explores how the study of the linguistic landscape (LL), which is to say the texts visible in public space, allows for a rich and complex understanding of place. More specifically, the

Understanding the city through its semiotic spatialities

The city is a complex sociocultural phenomenon where space and time are simultaneously parts of itself and parts of its conceptualisation. In the paper I draw out three general perspectives where the

Power through the semiotic landscape

ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to advance an understanding of power in linguistic landscape research. After setting out and discussing the concepts of ‘power over’, ‘power to’ and ‘power through’,

Semiotic landscapes and mobile narrations of place: performing the local

Abstract In this article, we explore some of the practices and mechanisms behind the multiple constructions of place and its meanings, focusing specifically on the diverse ways in which signage is

Language in the Material World: Multilinguality in Signage

This article examines signage as a site for the negotiation of meaning between the potential intentionality of the creator and the potential readings of the target audience. Data is drawn from 2

Framing [Con]text

Suggesting that the form of signature graffiti presents a number of vital insights into the complex relationship between place and practices of writing, this paper centers on the visual space of two

Monument as semiotic landscape: The contested historiography of a national tragedy

As semiotic spaces, monuments convey messages through multiple information design modes, including language, materiality and emplacement. As research on semiotic landscape has pointed out (e.g.,

Semiotic Landscape in Cyprus

The scope of this article is the semiotic study of the verbal, visual and spatial discourses as they are depicted on commercial signs in the city of Limassol, Cyprus that use modified verbal signs

Interpreting Meaning: An Application of Peircean Semiotics to Tourism

Abstract In the background of Dean MacCannell's work on tourists lay the semiotic theory of the American philosopher Charles S. Peirce. Peirce's writings are voluminous, at times contradictory and,