Discounting, Buck-Passing, and Existential Risk Mitigation: The Case of Space Colonization

  title={Discounting, Buck-Passing, and Existential Risk Mitigation: The Case of Space Colonization},
  author={Joseph Gottlieb},
  journal={Space Policy},

From fragmented space to the Space University Institute

ABSTRACT Starting from the origin of European space policy and its institutions since WW2, this paper discusses the inconsistency of current institutional settings between the European Space Agency



Longtermist Institutional Reform

In all probability, future generations will outnumber us by thousands or millions to one. In the aggregate, their interests therefore matter enormously, and anything we can do to steer the future of

Minimum Number of Settlers for Survival on Another Planet

It is shown here that a mathematical model can be used to determine the minimum number of settlers and the way of life for survival on another planet, using Mars as the example, and if this relatively low number is confirmed, survival on other planet might be easier than expected, provided that the organization of the settlers is appropriate.

The Psychology of Existential Risk: Moral Judgments about Human Extinction

It is concluded that an important reason why people do not find extinction uniquely bad is that they focus on the immediate death and suffering that the catastrophes cause for fellow humans, rather than on the long-term consequences.

Feeding One Million People on Mars

Food production on Mars is usually thought of in terms of growing plants to partially support small exploration crews for short- to medium-term stays. Here, we consider the more radical goal of pro...

Space Colonization and Existential Risk

  • Joseph Gottlieb
  • Philosophy
    Journal of the American Philosophical Association
  • 2019
Abstract Ian Stoner has recently argued that we ought not to colonize Mars because (1) doing so would flout our pro tanto obligation not to violate the principle of scientific conservation, and (2)

Towards an Integrated Assessment of Global Catastrophic Risk

Integrated assessment is an analysis of a topic that integrates multiple lines of research. Integrated assessments are thus inherently interdisciplinary. They are generally oriented toward practical

Lunar Labor Relations

This chapter defends the claim that at least some essential service strikes will be morally permissible in lunar societies. I argue by analogy with essential service strikes in medicine. The duty to

Agonal Conflict and Space Exploration

The focus of this chapter is to explore space policy from the perspective of political philosophy. Apart from surveying the benefits of the Cold War to space science, whereby great progress was made