Discontinuous distribution of senile plaques within striate cortex hypercolumns in Alzheimer's disease

  title={Discontinuous distribution of senile plaques within striate cortex hypercolumns in Alzheimer's disease},
  author={R. Kulji{\vs} and R. K. Tikoo},
  journal={Vision Research},
  • R. Kuljiš, R. K. Tikoo
  • Published 1997
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Vision Research
  • Tangential sections of the primary visual (striate) cerebral cortex from five patients with histopathologically verified Alzheimer's disease were used to study the laminar and tangential disposition of senile plaques. These lesions were visualized with thioflavin S or the modified Bielschowsky method, and classified into four different, purely morphological types: "classical", (predominantly) "neuritic", (primarily amyloid) "core" and "diffuse", which were charted and analyzed using computer… CONTINUE READING
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