Discomycètes rares ou remarquables récoltés en 2011. 1re partie : Pezizales

  title={Discomyc{\`e}tes rares ou remarquables r{\'e}colt{\'e}s en 2011. 1re partie : Pezizales},
  author={N. V. Vooren},
Discomycetes collected during the year 2011 and considered as rare or noticeable are presented and illustrated. This first part deals with taxa belonging to the order Pezizales: Anthracobia tristis, Ascobolus behnitziensis, Boudiera acanthospora, Byssonectria terrestris, Geopora cervina, Helvella albella, Helvella atra, Iodophanus testaceus, Leucoscypha patavina, Melastiza flavorubens, Peziza acroornata, Peziza depressa, Scutellinia cejpii, Scutellinia decipiens, Sowerbyella radiculata and… 
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Six new genus records for Turkish Pezizales from Gaziantep Province
The genera Hypotarzetta Donadini, Pseudombrophila Boud., Pustularia Bonord., Pyronema Carus, Tricharina Eckblad (Pyronemataceae Corda), and Thecotheus Boud. (Ascobolaceae Boud. Ex Sacc.) are recorded
Type-revision of Lachnea velenovskyi, a new species in the genus Spooneromyces (Pezizales)
The revision of the holotype of Lachnea velenovskyi confirmed that its microscopic features correspond to those of the genus Spooneromyces, i.e. spores ornamentation, type of hairs and excipulum


Spooneromyces, a new genus to accommodate Peziza laeticolor and the new species S. helveticus
Spooneromyces has the following combination of distinctive generic marks: superficial, stiff, brownish hairs; orange to reddish carotenoid-containing hymenium, and heavily sculptured ascospore walls.
Notes sur le genre Helvella L. (Ascomycota, Pezizales). 1. Le sous-genre Elasticae
A taxonomical synthesis of the genus Helvella, subgenus Elasticae, containing for a part the species that BOUDIER (1907 ; 1905-1910) had integrated in his genus Leptopodia is proposed.
Plicariella flavovirens comb. nov. (Ascomycota, Pezizales), une pézize remarquable
Plicariella flavovirens comb. nov. (syn. Scabropezia flavovirens) is a remarkable species belonging to a Pezizaceae genus with spherical spores, showing similarities with the genera Plicaria and
Premières récoltes françaises de Peziza acroornata (Ascomycota, Pezizales)
The authors present in detail the first French collections of a very rare cup-fungus, Peziza acroornata, which are presented in detail for the first time in France.
A synopsis of the North American species of Byssonectria (Pezizales) with comments on the ontogeny of two species
Byssonectria, previously placed in the Hypocreales, is treated as a member of the Pezizales; Pseudocollema and Inermisia are considered synonyms. Four species are recognized from North America: B.
A B S T R A C T The genus lodophanus is a segregate of the coprophilous genus Ascophanus. It is characterized by the presence of callose-pectic marked spores, diffuse amyloidy of asci, carotenoid
A phylogenetic overview of the family Pyronemataceae (Ascomycota, Pezizales).
Results of these analyses do not support previous classifications of Pyronemataceae, and suggest that morphological characters traditionally used to segregate the family into subfamilial groups are not phylogenetically informative above the genus level.
Iodophanus carneus and I. testaceus (Ascomycota-Pezizales): Independent taxonomic identity or synonymy? A study of their morphology and isozymes
The aim of this study was to delimit two Iodophanus species: I. carneus and I. testaceus, based on morphological characteristics and electrophoretic patterns of their intracellular isozymes, and it is believed that I.testaceus shoul be consider as a synonym of I.Carneus.
Notes on British species of Geopora
Five species of Geopora are recognized from Great Britain and lectotypes for both Peziza sumneriana and P. lanuginosa var.
Notes sur quelques pézizes à spores apiculées récoltées dans le doubs. II. Peziza apiculata et Thecotheus aff. rivicola
Les auteurs decrivent et presentent des recoltes de « pezizes » apiculees effectuees dans le departement du Doubs, Peziza apiculata et Thecotheus aff. rivicola.