Discipline in crisis? The shifting paradigm of mass communication research

  title={Discipline in crisis? The shifting paradigm of mass communication research},
  author={Annie Lang},
This article analyzes the Kuhnian paradigmatic status in the ?eld of mass com-munication. It is suggested that the ?eld’s ?rst paradigm, Media Effects, is in... 
A Post-disciplinary Science
Discusses the possibilities of the establishment of a “post-disciplinary” science of communication, confronted by social and human sciences such as sociology, anthropology, and economics.
On the ‘grand narrative’ of media and mass communication theory and research: a review
  • M. Deuze
  • Art
    El profesional de la información
  • 2021
This paper offers a genealogy of the field of mass media and communication theory and research, with the purpose of distilling a grand narrative of media studies and communication science. Such a
It’s a journey: from media effects to dynamic systems
ABSTRACT This paper aims to demonstrate how an analytical paradigm shift from the General Linear Model (GLM) used in most communication processes and effects research to dynamic systems theory (DST,
Social Media “Teleco-presence” Theory of Identity
This paper examines the issue of social media interpersonal human interactions. The onslaught of social networking sites on the Internet for inter-human synchronous and asynchronous communication has
Culture, Paradigm, and Communication Theory: A Matter of Boundary or Commensurability?
The discussion on geocultural theory has underscored the urgency for us to re-examine the way cultural differences are handled in academic discourse. Boundaries need to be drawn, because European
The Lost Doctrine: Suggestion Theory in Early Media Effects Research
This monograph examines the history of the “suggestion doctrine,” a theory of communicative influence that arose in social psychology at the turn of the 20th century and was applied to the study of
An Interactive Model for Analyzing the Development of the Communication Discipline: Israel as a Case Study
Our paper presents an interactive four-dimensional model for studying the longand short-term development of the communication discipline with Israel serving as a case study: institutional-contextual,
Progress, Paradigms, and a Discipline Engaged: A Response to Lang and Reflections on Media Effects Research
In 2013, Annie Lang argued that the field of mass communication faces a Kuhnian crisis, born from the inability of its dominant paradigm to make progress in answering questions about media effects.
Back to the Roots? The Applications of Communication Science Theories in Strategic Communication Research
ABSTRACT Recently, the field of strategic communication has been criticized for lacking a coherent theoretical synthesis. Recognizing that strategic communication is a sub-discipline of communication
A Study of the Diffusion of Innovations and Hurricane Response Communication in the U.S. Coast Guard
A STUDY OF THE DIFFUSION OF INNOVATIONS AND HURRICANE-RESPONSE COMMUNICATION IN THE U. S. COAST GUARD Melissa L. Leake Old Dominion University, 2019 Director: Dr. Thomas Socha Hurricane Harvey (HH)


Media effects and cultural studies: A contentious relationship
Cultural studies is rather suspicious of effects research. It associates such work with a long tradition of seeking to control the popular classes, most recently manifested in contemporary moral
The Three Paradigms of Mass Media Research In Mainstream Communication Journals
Scholars who write about the paradigms influencing mass media research differ in their speculations. This study was conducted to provide an empirical analysis by examining six characteristics of mass
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The social, cultural, and psychological impacts of mass media communication are explored in this volume by top media effects researchers. These experts review traditional topics (agenda setting,
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Part 1 Mass media and society - general perspectives: culture, communications, and political economy feminist perspectives on the media postmodernism and television mass media and the public interest
Milestones in mass communication research: Media effects
I. RESEARCH AS A BASIS FOR UNDERSTANDING MASS COMMUNICATION. 2. The Payne Fund Studies: The Effects of Movies on Children. 3. The Invasion from Mars: Radio Panics America. 4. The People's Choice: The
The Sage handbook of media processes and effects
This chapter discusses conceptual and methodological issues in media effects research, as well as uses and gratifications : an evolving perspective of media effects.
A Cognitive Psychology of Mass Communication, 4th Ed
In 1994 a Seattle enterprise launched a passenger submarine with portholes and underwater spotlights and charged tourists $80 a ride. To ward off disappointment, the savvy entrepreneurs also
Media Effects Research: A Basic Overview
Preface. 1. A SCIENTIFIC APPROACH TO THE STUDY OF MEDIA EFFECTS. Ways of Knowing. Goals of Science. How are the Goals of Science Achieved? Summary. Questions to Focus Your Attention. Key Terms and