Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison

  title={Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison},
  author={R. D'amico},
  pages={169 - 183}
This writer who has warned us of the “ideological” function of both the oeuvre and the author as unquestioned forms of discursive organization has gone quite far in constituting for both these “fictitious unities” the name (with all the problems of such a designation) Michel Foucault. One text under review, La Volonté de Savoir, is the methodological introduction of a projected five-volume history of sexuality. It will apparently circle back over that material which seems to have a special… Expand
A Legacy of Supremacy: Prison, Power, and the Carceral Nation
This thesis focuses on the relationship between the prison system and the history of institutionalized racism in the United States. It begins with a detailed historical and political analysis of theExpand
Michel Foucault meets Gary Becker: Criminality Beyond discipline and punish
I. Among the numerous reasons why Discipline and Punish continues to be read and to shape the contours of criminology, sociology, political theory, and philosophy, is its attention to the developmentExpand
Punishment, Freedom, and the Culture of Control: A Review of Torture: America’s Brutal Prisons 1
The complex relationship that exits between punishment and freedom is steeped in a rich theoretical history. This history is useful for interpreting contemporary social problems. This articleExpand
The Curious Eclipse of Prison Ethnography in the Age of Mass Incarceration
This article first takes the reader inside the Los Angeles County Jail, the largest detention facility in the `Free World', to give a ground-level sense of how the entry portal of the US detentionExpand
Human Sacrifice, Capital Punishment, Prisons & Justice: The Function and Failure of Punishment and Search for Alternatives
»Menschenopfer, Todesstrafe, Gefängnisse und Justiz: Funktion und Scheitern des Strafens und die Suche nach Alternativen«. The history of prisons and methods of incarceration has been a subject ofExpand
Hidden harmony: Converging interests in the development of prison reform
The “agonistic perspective” on criminal justice posits that tensions are ubiquitous in the field irrespective of time, place, and the given paradigm. While the study of conflict and contestation isExpand
Discipline or Punishment? The Case of the Dutch Prison
The goals of resocialization and reintegration that keep appearing in policy statements on the prison system in The Netherlands are critically reviewed in this contribution by means of a comparisonExpand
Irish Prison Writing and the Victorian Penitentiary
By Sean T. O’Brien The penitentiary was a key institution of theVictorian era. This social control was designed by assembling modern ideas of religion, science, administrative theory, architecture,Expand
Birth of the Suicidal Subject: Nelly Arcan, Michel Foucault, and Voluntary Death
Abstract Michel Foucault argues that it is not sex but death that is the true taboo in the modern, biopolitical era. The result is that regular death has been privatised and institutionalised, warsExpand
The purloined prisoner
This article argues, in the form of demonstration, for the necessity of disciplinary openness in punishment and society scholarship. Theories about the political culture of punishment and sentimentalExpand


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