Discipline and Practice : “ The Field ” as Site , Method , and Location in Anthropology

  title={Discipline and Practice : “ The Field ” as Site , Method , and Location in Anthropology},
  author={Akhil and Gupta andJames Ferguson},

Overrepresentation of immigrants in special education. A grounded theory study on the case of Austria

Bad Heilbrunn : Verlag Julius Klinkhardt 2020, 236 S. - (Inklusion, Behinderung, Gesellschaft. Bildungs- und sozialwissenschaftliche Beitrage) - (Dissertation, Universitat Wien, 2019) Padagogische

Everywhere and nowhere at once: the challenges of following in multi-sited ethnography

Purpose: In multi-sited ethnography, “following” (of, e.g. persons, objects and events) is used as a device to structure fieldwork. The purpose of this paper is to problematize and substantiate the

Food Self-Sufficiency and Partnership in Agricultural Production in Ghana. A case study of the Fievie Rice Project

Poverty eradication and food security issues are central to most international development policies and developing countries including Ghana. International and national policies encourage investments

Humanitarian fables: morals, meanings and consequences for humanitarian practice

  • M. James
  • Political Science, Sociology
    Third World Quarterly
  • 2022
ABSTRACT This article describes how events are turned into fables in humanitarian organisations. It explores how these fables circulate, the lessons they come to embody and their influence in

Doing diversity: Unsettling the Self-Other binary: Cultural diversity in Dutch academic health care

in a blink. I want to talk with other people. I don’t want to talk about people who experience racism as victims of oppressors. Of people who don’t encounter racism as oppressors. Yet as I aim to

Constructing tales of the field: uncovering the culture of fieldwork in police ethnography

ABSTRACT One of the core contributions of the strong tradition of police ethnography is the emergence of a powerful critique of police culture. Through this work, researchers have explored the