Discharge planning: comparison of patients and nurses' perceptions of patients following hospital discharge.


Planning for hospital discharge is an important component of nursing. Results are presented of a study to determine how well primary nurses predict the functional ability of their patients following discharge and to assess whether patients and nurses agree about their patients' understanding of the post-discharge treatment plan. Comparing nurses' predictions with patients' reports of functional status 2 months following discharge, we found that nurses consistently underestimate the functional ability of their patients. Comparing nurses' perceptions of their patients' understanding of their post-discharge treatment plan with patients' reports about their understanding, significant differences were found between nurses' perceptions and patients' reports. Nurses' perceptions were that patients were much more knowledgeable than their patients reported. These preliminary data suggest that hospital discharge planning is an area for further investigation and intervention. Nurses should explore new paradigms for patient education as lengths of hospital stay decrease and care shifts from acute care to community care.


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