Discharge of lubricant from air turbine handpieces

  title={Discharge of lubricant from air turbine handpieces},
  author={A S M Pong and J. E. D. Dyson and Brain W Darvell},
  journal={British Dental Journal},
Objective To demonstrate and quantify the discharge of lubricating oil from high-speed air turbine handpieces whilst running.Materials and methods Dye-marked oil (Kavospray, KaVo) was used to lubricate four handpieces (Quiet-Air, Midwest) and the air discharged from around the lower bearing was directed at the moving chart paper on a recorder whilst running for 40 minutes. Secondly, seven new handpieces (Quiet-Air, 300SE, Midwest; Topair 796, Topair 795, W&H; VIP-Σ, Pana-air, NSK; Lares, Lares… CONTINUE READING