Discerning crystal growth from diffusion profiles in zoned olivine by in situ Mg – Fe isotopic analyses

  title={Discerning crystal growth from diffusion profiles in zoned olivine by in situ Mg – Fe isotopic analyses},
  author={Corliss Kin I Sio and Nicolas Dauphas and Fang-Zhen Teng and Marc Chaussidon and Rosalind T Helz and Mathieu Roskosz},
Mineral zoning is used in diffusion-based geospeedometry to determine magmatic timescales. Progress in this field has been hampered by the challenge to discern mineral zoning produced by diffusion from concentration gradients inherited from crystal growth. A zoned olivine phenocryst from Kilauea Iki lava lake (Hawaii) was selected for this study to evaluate the potential of Mg and Fe isotopes for distinguishing these two processes. Microdrilling of the phenocryst ( 300 lm drill holes) followed… CONTINUE READING


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