Discarnate Influence in Human Life:

  title={Discarnate Influence in Human Life:},
  • Published 1938
  • Nature
IN this volume, Signor Bozzano, one of the most prolific of Italian writers on psychical research, sums up the conclusions to which he has been led in the course of many years of attention to this subject. The book will be of some considerable interest to spiritualists, since it attempts to deal in detail with the difficulty of combining, in one so-called explanation, phenomena where resort to a spiritistic hypothesis is clearly unnecessary, and other manifestations where the influence of the… Expand
At the Edge of Eternity's Shadows: Scaling the Fractal Continuum from Lower into Higher Space
In this paper, I elaborate the hyperspatial implications of the fractal-scaling scheme that I introduced previously. Four case examples where out-of-body experiencers reported heightened andExpand