Disc-to-macula distance to disc-diameter ratio for optic disc size estimation.

  title={Disc-to-macula distance to disc-diameter ratio for optic disc size estimation.},
  author={Kwok Hei Mok and Vincent Wing-hong Lee},
  journal={Journal of glaucoma},
  volume={11 5},
PURPOSE To investigate the usefulness of the parameter of disc-to-macula distance (DM) to disc-diameter (DD) ratio in estimating optic disc size. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 88 normal subjects, 18 subjects with physiological macrodiscs, and 16 early glaucomatous patients were recruited for the study. The DM, which is the horizontal distance between the center of the optic disc and the macula, and DD were determined by planimetry. RESULTS No significant differences in DM were observed… CONTINUE READING

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