Disability Policy and Politics

  title={Disability Policy and Politics},
  author={Paul K. Longmore},
  journal={Journal of Disability Policy Studies},
  pages={36 - 44}
  • P. Longmore
  • Published 1 June 2000
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Disability Policy Studies
This historical case study of the League of the Physically Handicapped, a disability-rights activist group in Depression-era New York City, examines some of the ways in which people with disabilities have contested and endeavored to alter the public policies and social values that have affected their social identities and social careers. It also explores the interconnections among policies, values, and disabled and nondisabled identities. In addition, it suggests that there may have been an… 
Making Rights a Reality?: Disability Rights Activists and Legal Mobilization
1. Introduction: legal mobilization and accommodating social movements 2. Rights and political identity in the Canadian disability movement 3. Disability equality and opportunity in the Supreme Court
Constructive Welfare: The Social Security Act, the Blind, and the Origins of Political Identity among People with Disabilities, 1935–1950
In contemporary America, identifying as a person with a disability is one of the many ways in which people acknowledge, even celebrate, who they are. Yet several decades ago, few persons with
What are the effects of anti-discriminatory legislation on socioeconomic inequalities in the employment consequences of ill health and disability?
Anti-discriminatory legislation is not an effective way of overcoming the employment consequences of ill health and disability, nor is it a useful public policy tool in terms of reducing inequalities.
Equal Rights and Equal Duties? Activating Labour Market Policy and the Participation of Long-term Unemployed People with Disabilities after the Reform of the German Welfare State
Abstract The recent German welfare state reform with the introduction of Social Code II has created a complex situation for the labour market integration of long-term unemployed people with
Disabled graduates experiences of the UK labour market
Five key stages in the graduates’ journey into the labour market are addressed in the research, the process of job searching, how disabled graduates negotiate the workplace environment, which includes management relations, how reasonable adjustments are secured, and engagement with external bodies for advice and support and welfare.
Inclusion without Potential: Disability and the Biopolitics of Neuro-logical Human Capital Investments
Parents challenged Canada’s National Children’s Agenda (NCA)—a policy umbrella for neoliberal investments in early childhood introduced in 1999—for mobilizing a brain-focused conceptualization of
Access Ability: Policies, Practices, and Representations of Disability Online
ii Acknowledgements iv Introduction Media Studies, Internet Studies, and the Intervention of Disability 1 Chapter 1 The Public, Media, & Access: Accessibility as a Model for Media Access 45 Chapter 2
Captions On, Off, on TV, Online
This article considers the current state of closed captioning for online videos, in the U.S. context, and argues that captions and deafness have long been associated with the private, complicating their advancement under civil rights laws concerned with the public sphere and facilitating advancement through telecommunications laws and notions of consumer choice.
Likes, dislikes, supports and barriers: the experience of students with disabilities in university in Ireland
Abstract There are more students with disabilities going to college than ever before. It is important that colleges understand the experiences of students with disabilities when in university. This


From stigma to identity politics: political activism among the physically disabled and former mental patients.
  • R. Anspach
  • Sociology
    Social science & medicine. Medical psychology & medical sociology
  • 1979
One Comprehensive System? A Historical Perspective on Federal Disability Policy
We examine the historical development of federal disability policy; we assess the scope of the social security disability system, as well as inconsistencies between that attempt at a comprehensive
Uncovering the hidden history of people with disabilities.
"Disability" encompasses a broad spectrum of medical conditions with diverse effects on appearance and functioning. The books under review examine the historical experience primarily of what might be
Wage Discrimination against Handicapped Men and Women.
The extent of discrimination against handicapped men and women is estimated in this paper. Observed wage differentials are corrected for selectivity bias. The results indicate that almost one-third
Deaf History Unveiled: Interpretations from the New Scholarship
Since the early 1970s, when Deaf history as a formal discipline did not exist, the study of Deaf people, their culture and language, and how hearing societies treated them has exploded. Deaf History
The disabled state
A Place of Their Own: Creating the Deaf Community in America
Using original sources, this unique book focuses on the Deaf community during the nineteenth century. Largely through schools for the deaf, deaf people began to develop a common language and a sense
Disabled Policy: America's Programs for the Handicapped.
The Politics of Disablement