Disability, Sex Radicalism, and Political Agency

  title={Disability, Sex Radicalism, and Political Agency},
  author={Abby Lynn Wilkerson},
  journal={NWSA Journal},
  pages={33 - 57}
This paper uses queer and disability perspectives to argue that sexual agency is central to political agency, and that a group's experience of sexually-based harms and constraints on sexual agency should be recognized as a hallmark of oppression. It explores the political implications of erotophobia as it affects oppressed groups, the role of sexual shame in oppression based on sexuality and gender, and medical constructions of the sexuality of people with disabilities and others. The use of… 
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Education of the variant, with particular emphasis on the psychological, physiological and sociological aspects, to enable her to understand herself and make her adjustment to society in all its
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With the power of each breath : a disabled women's anthology
Includes fifty-five essays by women with physical, emotional, and learning disabilities, relating their experiences with their disabilities and society, and their feelings about themselves.
Women's reproductive health.
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Desiring disability : queer theory meets disability studies
Introduction: Desiring Disability: Queer Theory Meets Disability Studies - Abby Wilkerson and Robert McRuer Queering the Crip or Cripping the Queer?: Crippled Queer Solo Autobiographical Performance