Dirty Entanglements: Corruption, Crime, and Terrorism

  title={Dirty Entanglements: Corruption, Crime, and Terrorism},
  author={Louise Shelley},
Crime, corruption, and terrorism are increasingly entangled, emerging as ever greater threats. This convergence deserves high-level-policy attention. Using lively case studies from around the world, this book analyzes the transformation of crime and terrorism and the business logic behind illicit networks. Louise I. Shelley concludes that corruption, crime, and terrorism will remain critical security challenges in the twenty-first century as a result of globalization, technological advances… 

Militias, Crime, and Conflict

  • P. Kan
  • Political Science
    The Global Challenge of Militias and Paramilitary Violence
  • 2019
This chapter examines the ways that militias are key players in illicit trafficking and transnational crime, internal conflicts, and proxy wars. These issues are critical in framing today’s

Migration, transnational crime and terrorism : exploring the nexus in Europe and southeast Asia

Theories of a crime-terror nexus are well established in the literature. Often conceptualised along a continuum, relationships between organisations range from contracting services and the

Why Do Links Between Terrorism and Crime Increase

This chapter examines the nexus terror-crime and the various insights in the field, its possible forms and the main criminal activities involved. Special attention is given to the causes that enable

Unexpected Allies: The Impact of Terrorism on Organised Crime in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia

Abstract Is there a link between levels of terrorism and the presence of organized crime groups? Which factors does terrorism affect that could impact the presence and expansion of organized crime

Beyond necessity: Hezbollah and the intersection of state-sponsored terrorism with organised crime

  • D. Shaw
  • Sociology
    Critical Studies on Terrorism
  • 2019
ABSTRACT The world is arguably experiencing a resurgence of state-sponsored terrorism. Meanwhile, the crime-terror nexus is seen as a continued threat to global security and stability. However, there

Stop Them in Their Tracks: Migration Policies, Drug Markets, and Terrorism

  • Nazli Avdan
  • Political Science
    Journal of Applied Security Research
  • 2019
Abstract Do migration policies shape the drug-terrorism nexus? A narrow empirical scholarship shows that drug trafficking heightens the rate of terrorism. To date, however, scholars have not

Terrorism and Human Smuggling in the U.S. Southwestern Border

Engaging a qualitative methodology that includes in-depth interviews with 141 Mexicanmigrant smugglers, this paper proceeds from the following research question: Alliances between Mexican migrant

Can Blacklisting Reduce Terrorist Attacks?

Within global security governance, a number of governments monitor and label certain organizations as “terrorist groups” with the aim of curtailing their capacity. The most prominent example of this

The Corruption-Terrorism Nexus: A Panel Data Approach

Corruption has been increasingly recognized as the major threat to economic development, political stability and peace. It is also acknowledged by the international community as the breeding ground



The Leaderless Nexus: When Crime and Terror Converge

This article argues that the breakdown of hierarchical structures in illicit organizations is creating new opportunities for criminals and terrorists to collaborate. The rise of networked

Introduction: Violence, Crime, and Political Power

“The globalization of crime,” the rise in power of “world mafias,” the proliferation of large transnational crime networks behind increasingly extensive and lucrative smuggling operations (narcotics

Transnational Terror and Organized Crime: Blurring the Lines

The global war on terrorism is constricting the flow of financial support to terror groups. To circumvent these measures, transnational terrorist organizations are moving deeper into organized

International Terrorism and Transnational Crime: Security Threats, U.S. Policy, and Considerations for Congress

This report provides a primer on the confluence of transnational terrorist and criminal groups and related activities abroad. It evaluates possible motivations and disincentives for cooperation

Terrorism, Crime, and Transformation

This article argues that some of today's terrorist groups have transformed into transnational criminal organization (TCO) who are more interested in profits than politics. This dynamic has important

Methods Not Motives: Implications of the Convergence of International Organized Crime and Terrorism

Transnational organized crime and corruption are topics that security planners are increasingly visiting in their analyses of terrorism, most often examining how terrorism and transnational organized

The Crime-Terror Continuum: Tracing the Interplay between Transnational Organised Crime and Terrorism

Increasingly since the end of the Cold War and the subsequent decline of state sponsorship for terrorism, organised criminal activities have become a major revenue source for terrorist groups

The Unholy Trinity: Transnational Crime, Corruption, and Terrorism

LONGSTANDING TRANSNATIONAL CRIME GROUPS AND their more recently formed counterparts have a very different relationship to the state and to terrorism.' The older crime groups, often in

Organized Crime and Terrorism: From the Cells Towards Political Communication, A Case Study

During the first half of 2006 the city of São Paulo suffered three series of violent attacks against the security forces, civilians, and the government. The violent campaign also included a massive

Organized crime : from trafficking to terrorism

This fascinating work is a two-volume guide to the shadow world, the critical issues, and the global reach of organized crime. * Over 140 entries, arranged alphabetically by theme, on topics such as