Directory of Approved Biopharmaceutical Products

  title={Directory of Approved Biopharmaceutical Products},
  author={Stefania Spada and Gary Walsh},
ANTIBODY-BASED PRODUCTS Bexxar CEA-Scan Herceptin HumaSPECT Humira Indimacis 125 LeukoScan MabCampath / Campath-1H MabThera / Rituxan Mulotarg Myoscint OncoScint CR/OV Orthoclone OKT-3 ProstaScint Remicade ReoPro Simulect Synagis Tecnemab K1 Verluma Xolair Zenapax Zevalin ANTICOAGULANTS Refludan Revasc Xigris ANTISENSE BASED PRODUCTS Vitravene BLOOD FACTORS Benefix Bioclate Helixate NexGen / Helixate FS / Kogenate FS Novoseven Recombinate ReFacto BONE MORPHOGENETIC PROTEINS InductOs InFUSE Bone… 
Clonagem, superexpressão, purificação e caracterização da proteína recombinante humana fator estimulador de colônias de granulócitos
O fator estimulador de colonias de granulocitos (G-CSF) e uma citocina hematopoietica que age sobre a linhagem de neutrofilos promovendo proliferacao e diferenciacao de seus precursores e ativacao
Produção do fator estimulador de colônias de granulócitos humano recombinante (rhG-CSF) em biorreator
O fator estimulador de colonias de granulocitos (G-CSF) e uma das principais citocinas hematopoieticas envolvidas na defesa do sistema imune contra agentes infecciosos, estimulando e regulando a
Excipients for Protein Drugs
With the advent of recombinant DNA technology, protein-based drugs have become continually and increasingly commonplace in the repertoire of medicines available to medical practitioners for the
Carmo, F. L. R. Clonagem, expressão e caracterização do fator estimulador de colônia de granulócito humano recombinante (rhG-CSF) em Escherichia coli.
A proteina rhG-CSF, fundida a cauda de seis histidinas, foi purificada com exito e identificada pelas tecnicas of Western Blotting e por espectrometria of massas, possibilita que esta seja produzida em escala piloto.
Clonagem, expressão e caracterização do fator estimulador de colônia de granulócito humano recombinante (rhG-CSF) em Escherichia coli
The present study aimed the expression of rhG-CSF protein in Escherichia coli bacteria, and obtained and successfully purified and identified by the Western Blotting and by mass spectrometry techniques.
Use of folding modulators to improve heterologous protein production in Escherichia coli
This review critically evaluates the performance of molecular chaperones and folding catalysts native to E. coli in improving functional production of heterologous proteins in the bacterium and discusses how they might best be exploited to provide increased amounts of correctly-folded, active protein for biochemical and biophysical studies.
Conformation and dynamics of biopharmaceuticals: Transition of mass spectrometry-based tools from academe to industry
A paradigmatic protein drug interferon β-1a is used as an example to illustrate the utility of mass spectrometry as a powerful tool not only to assess the integrity of higher order structure of a protein drug, but also to predict consequences of its degradation at a variety of levels.
Engineering of Cysteine Residues Leads to Improved Production of a Human Dipeptidase Enzyme in E. coli
Low yields, poor folding efficiencies and improper disulfide bridge formation limit large-scale production of cysteine-rich proteins in Escherichia coli. Human renal dipeptidase (MDP), the only human
Reversible polyelectrolyte capsules as carriers for protein delivery.
The hollow capsules were found to be biocompatible with mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) cells during in vitro cell culture studies and may offer a promising delivery system for water soluble proteins and peptides.
Advanced mass spectrometry-based methods for the analysis of conformational integrity of biopharmaceutical products.
The two particularly promising methods that are likely to have the most significant and lasting impact in many areas of biopharmaceutical analysis, direct ESI MS and hydrogen/deuterium exchange, are focus of this article.