Directly Measuring a Multiparticle Quantum Wave Function via Quantum Teleportation.

  title={Directly Measuring a Multiparticle Quantum Wave Function via Quantum Teleportation.},
  author={Ming-Cheng Chen and Yuan Li and Run-Ze Liu and Dian Wu and Zu-En Su and Xi-Lin Wang and Li Li and Nai-Le Liu and Chao-Yang Lu and Jian-Wei Pan},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={127 3},
We propose a new method to directly measure a general multiparticle quantum wave function, a single matrix element in a multi-particle density matrix, by quantum teleportation. The density matrix element is embedded in a virtual logical qubit and is nondestructively teleported to a single physical qubit for readout. We experimentally implement this method to directly measure the wave function of a photonic mixed quantum state beyond a single photon using a single observable for the first time… Expand

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