Directions of reactions of 6-amino-, -acetylamino-, and -benzoylaminodeoxyvasicinones with aldehydes


6-Acetylamino- and -benzoylamino-9-arylidenedeoxyvasicinones were synthesized by reaction of 6-amino(3), -acetylamino- (4), and -benzoylamino- (5) -deoxyvasicinones (DOV) with aromatic aldehydes and furfurol in glacial acetic acid. It was shown that the amino group of 6-aminodeoxyvasicinone underwent acylation upon reaction with aldehydes to form 6… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s10600-010-9583-8


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@article{Elmuradov2010DirectionsOR, title={Directions of reactions of 6-amino-, -acetylamino-, and -benzoylaminodeoxyvasicinones with aldehydes}, author={Burkhon Zh. Elmuradov and Asqar Sh. Abdurazakov and Kh. M. Shakhidoyatov}, journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds}, year={2010}, volume={46}, pages={262-267} }