Directional Excitation of a High-Density Magnon Gas Using Coherently Driven Spin Waves

  title={Directional Excitation of a High-Density Magnon Gas Using Coherently Driven Spin Waves},
  author={Brecht G. Simon and Samer Kurdi and H. La and Iacopo Bertelli and Joris J. Carmiggelt and Maximilian Ruf and Nick de Jong and Hans van den Berg and Allard J. Katan and Toeno van der Sar},
  journal={Nano Letters},
  pages={8213 - 8219}
Controlling magnon densities in magnetic materials enables driving spin transport in magnonic devices. We demonstrate the creation of large, out-of-equilibrium magnon densities in a thin-film magnetic insulator via microwave excitation of coherent spin waves and subsequent multimagnon scattering. We image both the coherent spin waves and the resulting incoherent magnon gas using scanning-probe magnetometry based on electron spins in diamond. We find that the gas extends unidirectionally over… 
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