Directional 3-D interpolation technique for volume rendering

  title={Directional 3-D interpolation technique for volume rendering},
  author={K. W. Chun and M. S. Lee and J. B. Ra},
  journal={Conference Record of the 1991 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference},
  pages={2145-2148 vol.3}
A 3-D interpolation method is proposed as the preprocessing step for 3-D visualization to compensate the poor interslice resolution in 3-D medical imaging. The proposed method uses the surface information which is obtained at each voxel using local gradients. If the voxel to be interpolated is found on a surface or in its vicinity, interpolation is performed along the direction parallel to the surface; otherwise interpolation is done along the vertical z-direction. Since the method uses… CONTINUE READING