Direction of Arrival Algorithm using GSU-minimization

  • Ganesh V. Karbhari
  • Published 2015


A smart antenna is a digital wireless communications antenna system that takes advantage of diversity effect at the source (transmitter), the destination (receiver) or both. Diversity effect involves the transmission and/or reception of multiple radio frequency (RF) waves to increase data speed and reduce the error rate. A smart antenna enables a higher capacity in wireless networks by effectively reducing multipath and co-channel interference. This is achieved by focusing the radiation only in the desired direction and adjusting itself to changing traffic conditions or signal environments. Smart antennas employ a set of radiating elements arranged in the form of an array. The GSU-MUSIC algorithm for DOA estimation of smart antenna is similar to MUSIC and it uses iterative approach based on GSU minimization to find accurate values of the peaks. The GSU-MUSIC Algorithm overcomes the problems associated with previous techniques used for DOA estimation of smart antenna. KeywordsDOA(Directional of Arrival),Smart antenna,GSU (Gold Section Univariate) minimization,MUSIC (Multiple Signal Classification) __________________________________________________*****_________________________________________________

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