Directing Research to Reduce the Impacts of Nonindigenous Species

  title={Directing Research to Reduce the Impacts of Nonindigenous Species},
  author={James E Byers and Sarah Reichard and John M. Randall and I. M. Parker and C. S. Smith and Wade Lonsdale and Ian A. E. Atkinson and Timothy R. Seastedt and Mark Williamson and Elizabeth A Chornesky and Deborah C. Hayes},
Management of nonindigenous species is a crucial aspect of maintaining native biodiversity and normal ecosystem functions. We attempt to guide researchers in developing projects that will be of use to conservation practitioners, tangibly improving applied conservation measures. We advocate a directed approach for conservation research to aid in prioritizing nonindigenous species for intervention by resource managers. This approach includes outlining what needs to be known to make such relative… CONTINUE READING



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