Directed packings with block size 5

  title={Directed packings with block size 5},
  author={Ahmed M. Assaf and Nabil Shalaby and Jianxing Yin},
  journal={Australasian J. Combinatorics},
Let v ~ 5 and A be positive integers and let DD(v,k,A) denote the packing number of a directed packing with block size 5 and index A. The values of DD(v, 5, A) have been determined for A = 1,2 with the possible exceptions of (v, A) = (15,1) (19,1) (27,1), [7,8, 19]. In this paper we determine the values of DD(v, 5, A) for all v ~ 5 and A ~ 3 except possibly… CONTINUE READING