Directed Mutation in Genetic Algorithms

  title={Directed Mutation in Genetic Algorithms},
  author={OINABANOJ-lU BHANDARI and Nikhil and Pal and Sankar K. Pal}
A13~TRACT MlIl:llillll j:-. ;111 IlllP0l'l;lll{ genclic opcr;lIioll (11:11 11l:lp~ (0 Illailliaill the genetic divCI'sity of lile poplildtioll ill order to ;lChiew a good :-.olulion lo an oplimization problem. The conven[ional mutalion, with its r;llldorn nature and low probability of occurrence, i:-. llll;lhlc [0 guide the algorithm for fast convergence. In this <.lrticle, we propose a new Illut:llion technique called, directed mutation following the concept of induced mutatioll ill hiol… CONTINUE READING


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