Directed Growth of Virus Nanofilaments on a Superhydrophobic Surface.


The evaporation of single droplets of colloidal tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) nanoparticles on a superhydrophobic surface with a hexagonal pillar-pattern results in the formation of coffee-ring type residues. We imaged surface features by optical, scanning electron, and atomic force microscopies. Bulk features were probed by raster-scan X-ray nanodiffraction… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/am507509z


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@article{Marinaro2015DirectedGO, title={Directed Growth of Virus Nanofilaments on a Superhydrophobic Surface.}, author={Giovanni Marinaro and Manfred C Burghammer and Luca Costa and Thomas G. Dane and Francesco De Angelis and E Di Fabrizio and C Riekel}, journal={ACS applied materials & interfaces}, year={2015}, volume={7 23}, pages={12373-9} }