Direct x-ray detection with conjugated polymer devices

  title={Direct x-ray detection with conjugated polymer devices},
  author={Farhad Akbari Boroumand and Meiping Zhu and Alan B Dalton and Joseph L Keddie and P. J. Sellina and Jos{\'e} Juli{\'a}n L{\'o}pez Guti{\'e}rrez},
The authors report the first direct detection of x-ray induced photocurrents in thick films up to 20 m of conjugated polymers. Schottky-based “sandwich” structures were fabricated from layers of either poly 1-methoxy-42-ethylhexyloxy -phenylenevinylene MEH-PPV or poly 9,9-dioctylfluorene PFO on indium tin oxide substrates using a top contact of aluminum… CONTINUE READING