Direct versus Indirect Allorecognition: Visualization of Dendritic Cell Distribution and Interactions During Rejection and Tolerization

  title={Direct versus Indirect Allorecognition: Visualization of Dendritic Cell Distribution and Interactions During Rejection and Tolerization},
  author={J. Ochando and N. Krieger and J. Bromberg},
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Interactions of donor and recipient dendritic cells (DCs) with CD4+ T cells determine the alloantigenic response in organ transplantation, where recipient T cells respond either directly to donor MHC, or indirectly to processed donor MHC allopeptides in the context of recipient MHC molecules. The present study evaluates donor and recipient alloantigen‐presenting DC trafficking and their interactions with CD4+ T cells in the lymph nodes (LNs) and the spleen under tolerogenic treatment with anti… Expand
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Divergent role of donor dendritic cells in rejection versus tolerance of allografts.


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