Direct use of seawater for rapid methane storage via clathrate (sII) hydrates

  title={Direct use of seawater for rapid methane storage via clathrate (sII) hydrates},
  author={Asheesh Kumar and Hari Prakash Veluswamy and Rajni Kant Kumar and Praveen Linga},
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Morphology Study of Mixed Methane–Tetrahydrofuran Hydrates with and without the Presence of Salt
Storing natural gas (NG) in the form of clathrate hydrates (solidified natural gas, SNG) is a promising technology for its long-term, large-scale storage because it is safe and economically feasible


Formation and Dissociation Kinetics of Methane Hydrates in Seawater and Silica Sand
Understanding the kinetics of gas hydrate formation and dissociation in porous media has become important since their discovery in permafrost locations and marine sediments. Natural gas hydrates are
Effect of additives on formation and decomposition kinetics of methane clathrate hydrates: Application in energy storage and transportation
Methane gas storage and transportation via clathrate hydrates is proposed to be a potential solution for large-scale energy storage. In this work, we study the formation and decomposition kinetics of
Methane storage in mixed hydrates with tetrahydrofuran
A systematic study on the methane hydrate formation and dissociation with aqueous tetrahydrofuran (~ 6.03 mol %) has been carried out in a stirred reactor. Experiments are conducted with initial