Direct observation of whispering gallery mode polaritons and their dispersion in a ZnO tapered microcavity.

  title={Direct observation of whispering gallery mode polaritons and their dispersion in a ZnO tapered microcavity.},
  author={Liaoxin Sun and Zhanghai Chen and Qijun Ren and Ke Yu and Lihui Bai and Weihang Zhou and Hui Xiong and Z. Q. Zhu and Xue-chu Shen},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={100 15},
We report direct observation of the strong exciton-photon coupling in a ZnO tapered whispering gallery (WG) microcavity at room temperature. By scanning excitations along the tapered arm of the ZnO tetrapod using a micro-photoluminescence spectrometer with different polarizations, we observed a transition from the pure WG optical modes in the weak interaction regime to the excitonic polariton in the strong coupling regime. The experimental observations are well described by using the plane wave… 

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