Direct observation of void evolution during cement hydration

  title={Direct observation of void evolution during cement hydration},
  author={Masoud Moradian and Qinang Hu and Mohammed B Aboustait and Matthew Tyler Ley and Jay Clarke Hanan and Xianghui Xiao and George W Scherer and Zhi-dong Zhang},
Abstract This paper follows the hydration of both portland cement and tricalcium silicate pastes between 30 min and 16 h of hydration. In-situ fast X-ray computed tomography (fCT) was used to make direct observations of the air-filled void formation in w/s of 0.40 to 0.70 with a micron resolution. The results show that over the first hour of the acceleration period the volume of air-filled voids reaches a maximum value and then decreases during the acceleration period and stays constant. The… CONTINUE READING