Direct observation of OH formation from stabilised Criegee intermediates.

  title={Direct observation of OH formation from stabilised Criegee intermediates.},
  author={Anna Maria Melani Novelli and Luc Vereecken and J Lelieveld and Hartwig Harder},
  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
  volume={16 37},
The syn-CH3CHOO Criegee intermediate formed from the ozonolysis of propene and (E)-2-butene was detected via unimolecular decomposition and subsequent detection of OH radicals by a LIF-FAGE instrument. An observed time dependent OH concentration profile was analysed using a detailed model focusing on the speciated chemistry of Criegee intermediates based on the recent literature. The absolute OH concentration was found to depend on the steady state concentration of syn-CH3CHOO at the injection… CONTINUE READING