Direct measurements of neutrino mass

  title={Direct measurements of neutrino mass},
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Searches for Active and Sterile Neutrinos in Beta-Ray Spectra
Although neutrinos are probably the most abundant particles of the universe their mass is yet unknown. The oscillation experiments proved that at least one of the neutrino mass states is heavier than
Neutrino Oscillations in the Model of Interaction of Spinor Fields with Zero-Range Potential Concentrated on a Plane
Symanzik’s approach to the description of quantum field systems in an inhomogeneous space-time is used to construct a model for the interaction of neutrino fields with matter. In this way, the
Direct Measurement of Electron Antineutrino Mass
This article 1 describes the current experimental situation of the electron antineutrino mass measurement from the study of tritium β-decay, 3H → 3He+e- + v e. This is the most direct method to
Neutrino Mass Measurements Using Cryogenic Detectors
  • L. Gastaldo
  • Physics
    Journal of Low Temperature Physics
  • 2022
The determination of the absolute mass scale of neutrinos is one of the most important challenges in Particle Physics. The shape of the endpoint region of $$\beta ^-$$ β - -decay and electron


The use of low temperature detectors for direct measurements of the mass of the electron neutrino
Recent years have witnessed many exciting breakthroughs in neutrino physics. The detection of neutrino oscillations has proved that neutrinos are massive particles, but the assessment of their
Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay: Status and Prospects
Neutrinoless double-beta decay is a forbidden, lepton-number-violating nuclear transition whose observation would have fundamental implications for neutrino physics, theories beyond the Standard
Relic neutrino clustering in the Milky Way
The Standard Cosmological Model predicts the existence of relic neutrinos, which are indirectly probed through the effective number of relativistic species in the early Universe. In addition, from
The smallest neutrino mass
Shining light on the mass scale and nature of neutrinos with eγ→eνν¯
The discovery of neutrino oscillations invites many fundamental physics questions that have yet to be answered. Two of these questions are simple, easy to state, and essential: What are the values of
The Status of the MARE Experiment with 187Re and 163Ho Isotopes
eV-Scale Sterile Neutrinos
We address the phenomenology of light sterile neutrinos, with an emphasis on short-baseline neutrino oscillations. After reviewing the observed short-baseline neutrino oscillation anomalies, we
Cosmological bound on neutrino masses in the light of H0 tension
Although cosmic microwave background (CMB) is the most powerful cosmological probe of neutrino masses, it is in trouble with local direct measurements of $H_0$, which is called the $H_0$ tension.
Neutrino puzzle: Anomalies, interactions, and cosmological tensions
New physics in the neutrino sector might be necessary to address anomalies between different neutrino oscillation experiments. Intriguingly, it also offers a possible solution to the discrepant