Direct measurements of CO 2 flux in the Greenland Sea

  title={Direct measurements of CO 2 flux in the Greenland Sea},
  author={Siv K. Lauvset and Wade R. McGillis and Ludovic Bariteau and Christopher W. Fairall and Truls Johannessen and Are Olsen and Christopher J. Zappa},
[1] During summer 2006 eddy correlation CO2 fluxes were measured in the Greenland Sea using a novel system set‐up with two shrouded LICOR‐7500 detectors. One detector was used exclusively to determine, and allow the removal of, the bias on CO2 fluxes due to sensor motion. A recently published correction method for the CO2‐H2O cross‐correlation was applied to the data set. We show that even with shrouded sensors the data require significant correction due to this cross‐correlation. This… CONTINUE READING