Direct measurement of the Kepler Space Telescope CCD's intra-pixel response function

  title={Direct measurement of the Kepler Space Telescope CCD's intra-pixel response function},
  author={D. Vorobiev and Alexis Irwin and Z. Ninkov and K. Donlon and D. Caldwell and S. Mochnacki},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics},
Space missions designed for high precision photometric monitoring of stars often under-sample the point-spread function, with much of the light landing within a single pixel. Missions like MOST, Kepler, BRITE, and TESS, do this to avoid uncertainties due to pixel-to-pixel response nonuniformity. This approach has worked remarkably well. However, individual pixels also exhibit response nonuniformity. Typically, pixels are most sensitive near their centers and less sensitive near the edges, with… Expand
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