Direct excitation of spinal GABAergic interneurons by noradrenaline.

  title={Direct excitation of spinal GABAergic interneurons by noradrenaline.},
  author={Matthias Gassner and Ruth Ruscheweyh and J{\"u}rgen Sandk{\"u}hler},
  volume={145 1-2},
Endogenous pain control is, in part, mediated by descending inhibition of spinal nociception via spinal release of noradrenaline. Antinociception by activation of descending noradrenergic fibres has partially been attributed to the direct inhibition of nociceptive spinal neurons. Here, we tested the alternative hypothesis: the direct excitation of inhibitory spinal interneurons by noradrenaline. Transverse lumbar spinal cord slices were obtained from adult mice expressing enhanced green… CONTINUE READING