Direct effects of recurrent hypoglycaemia on adrenal catecholamine release.

  title={Direct effects of recurrent hypoglycaemia on adrenal catecholamine release.},
  author={Branly O Orban and Vanessa H. Routh and Barry E. Levin and Joshua R Berlin},
  journal={Diabetes & vascular disease research},
  volume={12 1},
In Type 1 and advanced Type 2 diabetes mellitus, elevation of plasma epinephrine plays a key role in normalizing plasma glucose during hypoglycaemia. However, recurrent hypoglycaemia blunts this elevation of plasma epinephrine. To determine whether recurrent hypoglycaemia affects peripheral components of the sympatho-adrenal system responsible for epinephrine release, male rats were administered subcutaneous insulin daily for 3 days. These recurrent hypoglycaemic animals showed a smaller… CONTINUE READING


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