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Direct effects of Chinese herbal medicine " hachuekkito " on sperm movement

  title={Direct effects of Chinese herbal medicine " hachuekkito " on sperm movement},
  author={J Tradit Chin},
Ovulatory dysfunction is commonly seen in gynecology clinic. It may cause infertility, anemia, functional uterine bleeding and a variety of complications. This research according to TCM theory records treating with acupuncture 34 patients suffering from ovulatory dysfunction. Changes in clinical symptoms and some relative targets are reported, plus findings in animal experiments. The theory concerning the generative and physiologic axis of women, this research involved the following points… 
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Effect of Lepidium meyenii on in vitro fertilization via improvement in acrosome reaction and motility of mouse and human sperm

The direct effects of Lepidium meyenii (Maca) on sperm remain unclear. Herein, we examined the direct effect of Maca on in vitro fertilization.