Direct-drive ocean wave-powered batch reverse osmosis

  title={Direct-drive ocean wave-powered batch reverse osmosis},
  author={Katie M. Brodersen and Emily Bywater and Alec M. Lanter and Hayden H. Schennum and Kumansh N. Furia and Maulee K. Sheth and Nathaniel S. Kiefer and Brittany K. Cafferty and Akshay K. Rao and Jos{\'e} M. Garc{\'i}a and David M. Warsinger},

Recent Developments of Solar Stills and Humidification De-humidification Desalination Systems: A Review

Freshwater shortage refers to the ongoing depletion of available water resources. The World Economic Forum identified this issue as the most significant global risk affecting all continents based on

Combined Membrane Dehumidification with Heat Exchangers Optimized Using CFD for High Efficiency HVAC Systems

Traditional air conditioning systems use a significant amount of energy on dehumidification by condensing water vapor out from the air. Membrane-based air conditioning systems help overcome this

Classical and Recent Developments of Membrane Processes for Desalination and Natural Water Treatment

Water supply and water treatment are of major concern all around the world. In this respect, membrane processes are increasingly used and reported for a large range of applications. Desalination

Modeling, Experimental Analysis, and Optimized Control of an Ocean Wave Energy Conversion System in the Yellow Sea near Lianyungang Port

In this paper, an ocean wave energy conversion system (OWECS) is modeled and experimented in the Yellow Sea near Lianyungang port, and an optimized control method based on the sliding mode control is



Analysis of a Wave-Powered, Reverse-Osmosis System and its Economic Availability in the United States

A wave energy converter (WEC) system has the potential to convert the wave energy resource directly into the highpressure flow that is needed by the desalination system to permeate saltwater through

Coastal Defence Integrating Wave-Energy-Based Desalination: A Case Study in Madagascar

In arid, coastal cities, water demand is often met through large-scale desalination systems. However, the energy required to run desalination plants remains a drawback. Further, numerous low-density

New Combined Solution to Harness Wave Energy—Full Renewable Potential for Sustainable Electricity and Fresh Water Production

This paper is a first general dissemination of the H2020 Project Wave to Energy and Water (W2EW) started in January 2019. The joint vision of the W2EW consortium (Wavepiston, Ener.Med, Fiellberg,