Direct dissolution of cellulose in NaOH/thiourea/urea aqueous solution.

  title={Direct dissolution of cellulose in NaOH/thiourea/urea aqueous solution.},
  author={Huajin Jin and Chunxi Zha and Lixia Gu},
  journal={Carbohydrate research},
  volume={342 6},
Untreated cellulose was directly and quickly dissolved in NaOH/thiourea/urea aqueous solution. The mechanism of dissolution was investigated by SEM, WXRD and (13)C NMR. The components of this solvent cannot dissolve cellulose on their own, and the interactions between NaOH and urea, as well as between NaOH and thiourea, play an important role in improving the dissolution of cellulose. Moreover, (13)C NMR spectra proved that NaOH, thiourea, and urea were bound to cellulose molecules, which… CONTINUE READING

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