Direct constraint on the distance of Gamma-2 Velorum from AMBER/VLTI observations

  title={Direct constraint on the distance of Gamma-2 Velorum from AMBER/VLTI observations},
  author={Florentin Millour and Romain G. Petrov and Olivier Chesneau and Dominique Bonneau and Luc Dessart and Cl{\'e}mentine B{\'e}chet and Isabelle Tallon-Bosc and Michel Tallon and Etienne Thi'ebaut and Farrokh Vakili and Fabien Malbet and Denis Mourard and G'erard Zins and Alain Roussel and Sylvie Robbe-Dubois and Pascal Puget and Karine Perraut and Franco Lisi and Etienne P. Le Coarer and St'ephane Lagarde and Pierre Y. Kern and Laurence Gluck and Gilles Duvert and Alain E. Chelli and Yves Bresson and Udo Beckmann and Paolo Antonelli and Gerd P. Weigelt and No{\"e}l Ventura and Martin Vannier and J. C. Valtier and Leonardo Testi and Eric Tatulli and Daniel Tasso and Paolo Stefanini and Ph. Stee and Walter Solscheid and Dieter Schertl and Piero Salinari and Michel Sacchettini and Andrea Richichi and Fanny Reynaud and Sylvestre Rebattu and Yves Rabbia and Thomas Preibisch and Christian Perrier and Franco Pacini and Keiichi Ohnaka and Eddy Nussbaum and David Mouillet and J. L. Monin and Pierre M{\`e}ge and Philippe Mathias and Gr{\'e}goire Martinot-Lagarde and Gilbert Mars and Alessandro Marconi and Yves Magnard and B. L{\'o}pez and Daniel Contel and J. M. Le Contel and Stefan Kraus and Dominik Kamm and K. H. Hofmann and Oscar Hernandez Utrera and Matthias Heininger and M. van der Heiden and Christophe Gil and Elena Giani and A. Glentzlin and Silvia P. Gennari and Adaya Gallardo and Didier Fraix-Burnet and Renaud Foy and Eric Fossat and Thierry Forveille and Debora Ferruzzi and Philippe Feautrier and Magali Dugu'e and Th. Driebe and Armando Domiciano de Souza and Alain Delboulb'e and Claus Connot and J Humphreys Colin and J. M. Clausse and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Cassaing and Simone Busoni and Serge Bonhomme and Tiffany Blocker and J. Behrend and Carlo Baffa and {\'E}ric Aristidi and Bahia Arezki and Karim Agabi and Bram Acke and Matteo Accardo and Mario J. Kiekebusch and Fredrik T. Rantakyro and Markus Schoeller},
Context. Interferometry can provide spatially resolved observations of massive star binary systems and their colliding winds, which thus far have been studied mostly by means of spatially unresolved observations. Aims. In this work, we present the first AMBER/VLTI observations, taken at orbital phase 0.32, of the Wolf-Rayet and O (WR+O) star binary system γ Velorum and use the interferometric observables to constrain its properties. Methods. The AMBER/VLTI instrument was used with the… CONTINUE READING


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