Direct and indirect transactions and requirements

  title={Direct and indirect transactions and requirements},
  author={Husna Betul Coskun and Huseyin Coskun},
  journal={arXiv: General Economics},
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Nonlinear Decomposition Principle and Fundamental Matrix Solutions for Dynamic Compartmental Systems
The dynamic influence of one compartment, in terms of flow and storage transfer, directly or indirectly on any other compartment is ascertained and new mathematical system analysis tools are formulated as quantitative system indicators.
Static ecological system measures
Multiple new ecological system measures and indices of matrix, vector, and scalar types are systematically introduced in the present paper to extract detailed information about ecosystems’s characteristics, as well as their functions, properties, behaviors, and various other system attributes that are potentially hidden in and even obscured by data.
Static ecological system analysis
A new mathematical method for static analysis of compartmental systems is developed in the context of ecology based on the novel system and subsystem partitioning methodologies and enables a holistic view and analysis of ecological systems.
Dynamic ecological system analysis
'Classical' Roots of Input-Output Analysis: A Short Account of its Long Prehistory
This paper discusses the roots of input-output analysis in 'classical' economics. The authors considered include Petty and Cantillon; Quesnay, the physiocrats and their critic Isnard; Smith, Ricardo,
Dynamic Ecological System Measures
It is considered that the proposed methodology brings a novel complex system theory to the service of urgent and challenging environmental problems of the day and has the potential to lead the way to a more formalistic ecological science.
John Law and Richard Cantillon on the circular flow of income
This paper aims to demonstrate that John Law has a prior claim to both Richard Cantillon and Francois Quesnay as the originator of the circular flow of income and expenditure. Law's use of an island
Systems Ecology: Ecological Network Analysis