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Direct Western Blot Detection of HA Epitope-Tagged Proteins Using Anti-HA-Peroxidase

  title={Direct Western Blot Detection of HA Epitope-Tagged Proteins Using Anti-HA-Peroxidase},
  author={J. F. Gill and B. Ellis and S. Boguslawski and P. Tang},
conjugate of Anti-HA monoclonal antibody and the reporter enzyme horseradish per- oxidase, for direct detection of HA-tagged fusion proteins in western blot analyses. Use of Anti-HA-peroxidase eliminates the need for a secondary detection step, as well as the need for the multiple washes nor- mally required after incubation with the secondary polyclonal anti-mouse IgG- enzyme conjugate. In addition to saving time (approximately 2 hours), the Anti-HA- peroxidase conjugate can detect HA-tagged… Expand
Functional characterisation of SPO11 in human cancer cells
It is demonstrated that human SPO11 protein is observed in testis, most cancer cells, and some tumour tissues, but it is not found in normal healthy tissues, and evidence is presented to suggest that SPO 11 depletion alters the level of cell cycle regulatory proteins without inducing apoptosis or senescence, suggestingSPO11 functions in cancer cells to alter cell cycle dynamics. Expand


Characterization of HIR1 and HIR2, two genes required for regulation of histone gene transcription in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
The products of the HIR1 and HIR2 genes have been defined genetically as repressors of histone gene transcription in S. cerevisiae. A mutation in either gene affects cell cycle regulation of three ofExpand