Direct Measurement of Anharmonic Decay Channels of a Coherent Phonon.

  title={Direct Measurement of Anharmonic Decay Channels of a Coherent Phonon.},
  author={Samuel W. Teitelbaum and Thomas Henighan and Yijing Huang and Hanzhe Liu and Mason P. Jiang and Diling Zhu and Matthieu Chollet and Takahiro Sato and {\'E}amonn D. Murray and Stephen Fahy and Shane M O'Mahony and Trevor P. Bailey and Ctirad Uher and Mariano Trigo and David A. Reis},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={121 12},
We report channel-resolved measurements of the anharmonic coupling of the coherent A_{1g} phonon in photoexcited bismuth to pairs of high wave vector acoustic phonons. The decay of a coherent phonon can be understood as a parametric resonance process whereby the atomic displacement periodically modulates the frequency of a broad continuum of modes. This coupling drives temporal oscillations in the phonon mean-square displacements at the A_{1g} frequency that are observed across the Brillouin… 

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