Dirac Equation in the Presence of Hartmann and Ring-Shaped Oscillator Potentials

  title={Dirac Equation in the Presence of Hartmann and Ring-Shaped Oscillator Potentials},
  author={Zahra Bakhshi},
  journal={Advances in High Energy Physics},
  • Z. Bakhshi
  • Published 4 July 2018
  • Physics
  • Advances in High Energy Physics
The importance of the energy spectrum of bound states and their restrictions in quantum mechanics due to the different methods have been used for calculating and determining the limit of them. Comparison of Schrödinger-like equation obtained by Dirac equation with the nonrelativistic solvable models is the most efficient method. By this technique, the exact relativistic solutions of Dirac equation for Hartmann and Ring-Shaped Oscillator Potentials are accessible, when the scalar potential is… 
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