Dipole Localization of P300 and Normal Aging

  title={Dipole Localization of P300 and Normal Aging},
  author={Thomas Frodl and Georg Juckel and J{\"u}rgen Gallinat and Ronald Bottlender and Markus Riedel and Ulrich Klaus Preuss and Hans-J{\"u}rgen Moumlller and UlrichHegerl Hegerl},
  journal={Brain Topography},
At present, our understanding of how normal aging affects in vivo brain function is rudimentary. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to investigate age effects on auditory P300 topography. A recently developed dipole source model for P300 distinguishes overlapping P300 subcomponents and enhances reliability as well as validity of the measurement. 67 healthy subjects were examined using the P300 dipole model in addition to the scalp data measurement. The results show that P300… CONTINUE READING