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Diploma thesis

  title={Diploma thesis},
  author={Jozef Barun{\'i}k},
This thesis examines the computational complexity of transmission network expansion planning which is defined as follows. Given a transmission grid of generators and consumers (nodes) connected by transmission lines (edges) with certain flow capacities, where should new lines be added at minimum cost such that all given capacity constraints are fulfilled? In its original mixed-integer non-linear programming formulation this is NP-hard since it contains the subproblem Steiner trees, the minimum… 
The Bin Scheduling Problem
We consider a natural generalization of multiprocessor scheduling, the bin scheduling problem. Here, we model the situation in which working resources are available during separate time windows, or
A traveller's problem
It turns out that an s-to-g path of finite duration may require an infinite number of carrier changes, and it is shown that the two-dimensional problem is decidable, and a pseudo-polynomial approximation algorithm is provided.
Tropical intersection theory
This thesis consists of five chapters: Chapter 1 contains the basics of the theory and is essential for the rest of the thesis. Chapters 2-5 are to a large extent independent of each other and can be
Optimizing traffic lights in a cellular automaton model for city traffic.
We study the impact of global traffic light control strategies in a recently proposed cellular automaton model for vehicular traffic in city networks. The model combines basic ideas of the
Conformance checking and simulation-based evolutionary optimization for deployment and reconfiguration of software in the cloud
  • S. Frey
  • Computer Science
  • 2014
This thesis provides the approach CloudMIG that supports SaaS providers to migrate those applications to IaaS and PaaS-based cloud environments and shows its applicability and the excellent performance of its two core components.
Regular packings on periodic lattices.
The form of φ(d)(X) is discussed in the context of geometrical frustration effects, transitions in the contact numbers, and number-theoretical properties, and it is proved to be continuous with an infinite number of singular points.
Ju n 20 01 Simulation of percolation on massively-parallel computers
A novel approach to parallelize the well-known Hoshen-Kopelman algorithm has been chosen, suitable for simulating huge lattices in high dimensions on massively-parallel computers with distributed
Boundary-induced phase transitions in a space-continuous traffic model with non-unique flow-density relation
Abstract:The Krauss-model is a stochastic model for traffic flow which is continuous in space. For periodic boundary conditions it is well understood and known to display a non-unique flow-density
Optimality System POD for Time-Variant, Linear-Quadratic Control Problems
This thesis presents the primal-dual active set strategy (PDASS) as a possible way to solve the completely discretized problem with inequality constraints and introduces optimality system proper orthogonal decomposition (OS-POD) in Chapter 7.


Transmission system expansion planning by simulated annealing
This paper presents a simulated annealing approach to the long term transmission expansion planning problem which is a hard, large scale combinatorial problem. The proposed approach has been compared
Transmission Network Estimation Using Linear Programming
The use of linear programming for network analysis to determine where capacity shortages exist and, most importantly, where to add new circuits to relieve the shortages is presented.
Optimal Power Flow Solutions
A practical method is given for solving the power flow problem with control variables such as real and reactive power and transformer ratios automatically adjusted to minimize instantaneous costs or losses by Newton's method, a gradient adjustment algorithm for obtaining the minimum and penalty functions to account for dependent constraints.
On the Impossibility of Informationally Efficient Markets
If competitive equilibrium is defined as a situation in which prices are such that all arbitrage profits are eliminated, is it possible that a competitive economy always be in equilibrium? Clearly
A Parametrized Loop Fusion Algorithm for Improving Parallelism and Cache Locality
This work proposes a new model which considers data locality, parallelism and register pressure together, and builds a weighted directed acyclic graph in which the nodes represent program loops along with their register pressure, and the edges represent the amount of locality and parallelism present.
It is argued that there exist three distinct uses of agent modeling techniques, one of which is conceptually quite close to traditional simulation in operations research, and there are important classes of problems for which writing down equations is not a useful activity.
MPI: The Complete Reference
MPI: The Complete Reference is an annotated manual for the latest 1.1 version of the standard that illuminates the more advanced and subtle features of MPI and covers such advanced issues in parallel computing and programming as true portability, deadlock, high-performance message passing, and libraries for distributed and parallel computing.
Virtual Worlds: A First-Hand Account of Market and Society on the Cyberian Frontier
In March 1999, a small number of Californians discovered a new world called Norrath, populated by an exotic but industrious people. About 12,000 people call this place their permanent home, although
High performance compilers for parallel computing
This book discusses Programming Language Features, Data Dependence, Dependence System Solvers, and Run-time Dependence Testing for High Performance Systems.