Diplodus levantinus (Teleostei: Sparidae), a new species of sea bream from the southeastern Mediterranean Sea of Israel, with a checklist and a key to the species of the Diplodus sargus species group

  title={Diplodus levantinus (Teleostei: Sparidae), a new species of sea bream from the southeastern Mediterranean Sea of Israel, with a checklist and a key to the species of the Diplodus sargus species group},
  author={Ronald Fricke and Daniel Golani and Brenda Appelbaum-Golani},
  journal={Scientia Marina},
The sea bream Diplodus levantinus n. sp. is described from off the coasts of Israel in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, where it replaces Diplodus sargus (Linnaeus, 1758). The new species is characterized by 11-12 spines and 10-16 soft rays in the dorsal fin, 3 spines and 11-13 soft rays in the anal fin, 15-17 pectoral fin rays, 6-9 + 8-12 gill rakers on the first gill arch, upper and lower jaws with a single row of 4 incisors on each side, followed by a total of 16-19 molariform teeth in the… 

Annotated checklist of the fishes of the Persian Gulf: Diversity and conservation status

This checklist aims to reviews and summarize the results of the systematic researches on the Persian Gulf ichthyofauna that has been carried out for more than 200 years based on literature and taxon occurrence data obtained from natural history and new fish collections.

of ♀ Diplodus and ♂ of D.

A morphomeristic and genetic analysis of an unusual specimen of Diplodus (Family: Sparidae) that was collected in the Medi- terranean coast of Israel revealed that it is a hybrid of Diplodus cervinus

Marine Heatwaves Exceed Cardiac Thermal Limits of Adult Sparid Fish (Diplodus capensis, Smith 1884)

Climate change not only drives increases in global mean ocean temperatures, but also in the intensity and duration of marine heatwaves (MHWs), with potentially deleterious effects on local fishes. A

The complete mitochondrial genome of the white seabream Diplodus sargus (Perciformes: Sparidae) from the Tyrrhenian sea

The first complete sequence and annotation of the mitochondrial genome of the white seabream Diplodus sargus is presented, providing valuable information for further studying identification methods and evolutionary relationships of Sparidae species.

Taxonomic review of the genus Argyrops (Perciformes; Sparidae) with three new species from the Indo-West Pacific.

The Indo-West Pacific sparid genus Argyrops is reviewed, with four valid species and three new species: A. bleekeri from the western Pacific and A. spinifer from the Indian Ocean, and a key to the species is provided.



Mitochondrial phylogeny and biogeographic affinities of sea breams of the genus Diplodus (Sparidae)

D. sargus lineatus from the Cape Verde islands was resolved as most ancestral branch, pointing to the possibility that the diversification and spread of the D. s argenteus assemblage originated in this region.


  • J. Young
  • Environmental Science, Geology
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The fishes constitute the next class found in our carboniferous strata. Two groups only are represented—Plagiostomous fishes, such as the sharks and rays; and Lepidoganoids, or fishes with enamelled


A historical survey of the ichthyofaunistic literature on the area reveals a constant rate of increase in the number of new recorded species, resulting from increased collection effort and the continuous influx of species of Red Sea origin.

Genetic differentiation and gene flow of two sparidae subspecies, Diplodus sargus sargus and Diplodus sargus cadenati in Atlantic and south-west Mediterranean populations

A total of nine enzymes coded by 14 loci were assayed for each of six populations (from the north-eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean) of two sea bream subspecies, and significant differences in growth were found among subspecies and populations.

Shape changes and growth trajectories in the early stages of three species of the genus Diplodus (Perciformes, Sparidae)

G geometric morphometrics are used to characterize shape changes during the early juvenile life of specimens collected in a single locality in order to compare growth curves and allometric relationships and proved to be similar for all three species and are consistent with the ecological transition.

Checklist of the Mediterranean Fishes of Israel

A checklist of the Mediterranean marine ichthyofauna of Israel is presented and includes all synonyms for each species and citations of all known publications, listed in chronological order, concerning occurrence in Israeli waters of each species.

Données sur la faune ichtyologique du Golfe de Gascogne. 1. Répartition des Diplodus (Sparidae, perciformes) et remarques sur leurs stades juvéniles

Les auteurs donnent des indications sur la frequence and the repartition, le long des cotes francaises de l'Atlantique, de Diplodus annularis, D. cervinus et D. sargus sargu, en outre, quelques observations sur l'evolution of the coloration chez les stades juveniles.