Diphenylthiourea, a common rubber chemical, is bioactivated to potent skin sensitizers.

  title={Diphenylthiourea, a common rubber chemical, is bioactivated to potent skin sensitizers.},
  author={Kristin Samuelsson and Moa Andresen Bergstr{\"o}m and Charlotte A M Jonsson and Gunnar Westman and A. -T. Karlberg},
  journal={Chemical research in toxicology},
  volume={24 1},
Diphenylthiourea (DPTU) is a known skin sensitizer commonly used as a vulcanization accelerator in the production of synthetic rubber, for example, neoprene. The versatile usage of neoprene is due to the multifaceted properties of the material; for example, it is stretchable, waterproof, and chemical- and abrasion-resistant. The wide application of neoprene has resulted in numerous case reports of dermatitis patients allergic to DPTU. The mechanism by which DPTU works as a contact allergen has… CONTINUE READING


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